Tin Huey Live at JB's 1979

The band was originally known as Rags and started out with three members: Mark Price, Michael Aylward, and Stuart Austin. Later, the band decided to rename themselves after Aylward's younger brother. When the trio were Rags, Price (then known as Wesley the Stash) played guitar, Aylward played bass, and Austin (then known as Napoleon Lemens) played drums. Harvey Gold became the fourth member to join on organ.
When Price left the band, the remaining members switched to acoustic music before hiring electric guitarist Arthur Baranoff and bassist Wayne Swickley.
When they left, Price rejoined and became the bassist, while Aylward took on electric guitar, and Gold alternated between electric guitar and keyboards; they briefly added saxophonist Lochi MacIntosh to the lineup before replacing him with Ralph Carney. Chris Butler (who was the bassist for 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band), was the last to join, also on guitar. Tin Huey was part of the influx of bands emerging from the Akron/Cleveland music scene, others including Devo, Pere Ubu, Chi-Pig, the Electric Eels, the Bizarros and the Rubber City Rebels.

Recorded live at JB's in Kent, made by Tin Huey and given to WKSU for broadcast before their Warner Brothers contract. Permission was later withdrawn by the band for airplay of this recording (after they signed to Warner Brothers).

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