Oregon, Paul McCandless interviewed by Jeff Esworthy 10-24-79

The origins of the group go to Oregon in the second half of the 60s. Ralph Towner and Glen Moore, the founder of the group. In the late 60s - the (incorrect) legend after they first met at the legendary Woodstock festival - came to Collin Walcott. 1972 Paul McCandless came later, with Walcott and Towner already together in the Paul Winter Consort played to the group. That was the main cast of the Quartet.
Until 1980, the quartet lot on tour and played in Europe. In the time developed the game of the group is not uniform, but served a whole range of jazz styles.
1980, the Group made a creative break for only a year later with a new sound on stage. With its electronic elements was this sound in the 1980s to date. The modified group sound is mainly due to Ralph Towner and his newly discovered passion for the keyboard, but also to the aesthetics of the ECM producer Manfred Eicher.
1984 Collin Walcott died in a car accident. After the group had decided to keep going, Trilok Gurtu 1985 sat for the next concert on drums. The studio album Beyond Words 1995, the three musicians played (Towner, Moore and McCandless) then alone. A year later, as the fourth musician Mark Walker, initially only for a few pieces.

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