Devo members interviewed by Mark Janousek, WKSU 1979.


deadful gem said...

stumbled on this devo interview while searching for something else, gotta love the internet.

just wanted to say thanks for posting this, it's a gem, and a hilarious one too. is it the whole thing? it sounds like it's cut off at the end.. if there's any more i'd love to hear it!

thanks again, dude.

Fred said...

Mark is GREAT as an interviewer!I got him the job thru connections at WKSU... so he says! I can't really remember.... Wonderful piece of college history!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! great find.
I got to know Mark in the early 80's
He introduced me to a quit a few interesting bands like the F-Models and Ronald Cole and the Trillionairs.
Would love to say hello to him.

Akira said...

I met Mark last week(!) and he was still listening music a lot and going to concert a lot and loving music a lot. I visited his place from across the sea, and I found him that he is still young and fine!!! He is a great guy.